mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

PLN: internet, twitter and more for educators


Teachers need to be connected, share ideas and be involved in professional development.
This is true for any teacher. English and foreign language teachers can enjoy learning online thanks to the new tools and internet.
Here are some interesting weblinks or hastags for getting to know more. My PLN has developed in the last two years and I must admit that teachers have provided me with many interesting ideas.  I have found a lot of  free resources and  also students should work online and take advantage from the new media.
Begin your activity online : these are some tips by PEGGY GEORGE from the  USA.

Click here to open this binder in a new window.

SEARCHING ON LINE     A discovery engine for educational 
tools   A safe search for kids


twitter-hashtags-for-teachers     This is an interesting weblink with hashatags for teachers who use Twitter.     

You send a voice message and later they will reply.  (dyslexia- for ELT  teachers)    ( for ELT teachers)

INTERESTING ARTICLES ON LINE OR BLOGS   ( interesting ideas about education  now and  in the future)

FOR ITALIAN TEACHERS WHO WANT TO LEARN ABOUT NEW  TOOLS ( most of the articles are in Italian)

For English Language Teachers
Good luck: I hope you will enjoy your PLN trip on line!!