venerdì 20 aprile 2018

Learning about the Past : History seen through Images

You might think that  social networks are not useful but  for educators they can provide a lot of interesting  sources.

Here is  a coloured image  depicting  a burning  Ghetto  in the  Second World War - it is a  document that tells us about the atrocities of  what happened in the  areas  which were occupied by  the Germans .  We can teach about the past also by using  images and  by using   resources which we cannot find  in books.   I feel that  this  a  different  approach to help our  students   think and reflect on  what happened .

giovedì 19 aprile 2018

Those who survived and their message for us today

An interesting  video reminding us what  happened  a long time ago in Poland.

Simcha   Rotem has  a lesson for us  today-  it is  worth sharing :

" Among the  two -legged animals there are  those who are worthy  and those who are not worthy of being called   human  beings"


domenica 15 aprile 2018

Liberation of the Concentration Camp Bergen-Belsen on 15th April 1945

15th April 1945

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp was liberated.  Today I was online and I came across the Tweet which the Auschwitz Museum had just  posted to remind us about it.The images and the events that occured there  must be remembered by us.  Thousands of people  died there because of the belief - most of them were  Jews  while other people   fighting against the Nazis. 

I visited this camp many years ago, we could not see much about  the  camp but we learnt about the stories of men and women who had  died there.  Among the people who were killed  or died  there we have the famous  young girl whose Diary is still read  today:  Anne Frank.

 I was visitng the camp with my students and an old  Italian man who  had been  imprisoned in Germany and he was  presenting the voice of a person who had survived- many are not living anymore. We learnt how  the war had changed  people and violence had shaped the lives of the many who were living in concentration camps.

Let's remember and  let's work together to make this  world  become a better world today.

Link to the concentration camp:

venerdì 13 aprile 2018

Blendspace My lessons about the Victorian Age

For my fourth year  class in a  Liceo Artistico  I had to design some lessons and tasks about the Victorian Age. Since we have just  11-12 lessons in class  till the end of the school year I decided to create some virtual lesson containers online where my students could work on their own and  learn about the age of Queen Victoria and one of the most important  writers of the time- C.Dickens.

I have often used Google Slides to present my content, this time I chose   Blendspace.
The Platform has enabled me to design a lesson plan with lots of  direct links to videos and materials online that deal with the topic I am going to do in class. I will guide them to read and watch  some documents dealing with the time we are studying and  I would like them to reflect on the many  contrasts of the time in which  Dickens  lived. Most of the tasks will be done from home, I need to rely on the students' working at home as we  have poor internet  connection and now at school we have no whiteboards with  internet connections.

The next step will be to help them speak about the topic and find links among the many events that took place in the long time in which the Queen ruled. It is also possible to add quizzes in the online platform. I will think about  some guided compositions or  quizzes to help the students  study and present what they have learnt.

I  think that  Blendplace is a  nice and versatile tool. If you want to add more documents you might  need to pay for some but when  teachers have access to documents that are shared and  are free , we can easily build a good lesson  for learners.

The gallery offers some nice lessons for   many   school subjects. It is worth trying  them.

Useful links

giovedì 12 aprile 2018

Holocaust Memorial Day

It is time to remember but it is also time to think that  what is happening now after the end of  WWII is something we should  be ashamed of.

It is a tragedy that is happening  in many countries like  Syria and where children are suffering because  adults and  politicians do not  care.


Let's hope we can  make this  a better  world for all the children who are  suffering.  Let's stop wars .

lunedì 2 aprile 2018

Books and Literacy

Today we  are  celebrating  books and children. I came across this important event while surfing the web and  Twitter.  In general children  love  books and  reading  them, but we do need to  help them  love  them as   reading can open your mind and your creativity.

Books can open new paths into Learning  and support  learners. It is important to begin  reading books and loving them when you are young. Once you have  started, you will continue doing it.

Students who are learning a foreign language  should be encouraged to read on their own.  Children's book can help also struggling learners as they may read something they have already read. Hopefully , we can rely on many free books online and also  on ebooks.

Here is an interesting article for   English  Language  Learners which I found online

It is important to underline that reading  requires  a lot of exercise, learners need to work on this skills and how to approach reading- teachers need  to be supportive and be able to help them  choose the right books.

Have you ever started to read a book in English, then given up because it was too hard? Check out these useful tips from one of our bloggers to help you! Watch the video then read the blog here:

Let's celebrate  today and  let's invite  our  learners to  read for pleasure.

domenica 1 aprile 2018

Happy Ester 2018

I have been busy in the last  months and  I have not  written many posts.  I have written about my experiences online in my blogs and new  websites. Learning  Diaries and   sharing ideas on most social  media have been required and thus I have done it.
From Evo sessions to interesting courses online: I have  learnt a lot and together with the other  Teachers. These experiences online have me understand that it is important to keep on Learning and  that " No man is an Island".

 I will post  some information later about what I have learnt and what  I would like to share with the other  educators. Some tools need sharing and  more educators should use them as they  are  engaging and support our  daily activities.

Since I am on Holiday and  we are celebrating   Easter and other religious  celebrations in other  parts of the world, I would like  to wish you all

Happy   Easter!

A Happy Easter. (36) (NBY 418549)
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons