mercoledì 15 luglio 2020

Getting back to the Blog

It is time to start writing again but I had to focus on more issues in the last months: family issues and also the Lockdown.

Since May Italy  has started to live again but the pandemic  situation needs to rely  on people and their behaviour. We are not safe.

Meanwhile I have been working online and I have also  done a lot of courses to work on myself, my self-development and my CPD.
Hopefully many courses are free and I can take them.

I am worried about  September because things might get worse.  Working in schools  might require a new school planning,  fewer students in classes and a lot of people who are working from home.

Meanwhile I have been experimenting and reflecting by using  Bookcreator.

Insegnare ai tempi del Coronavirus

This summer  I will stay at home and I will try to find new ways  for approaching  teaching.


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