domenica 30 ottobre 2016

Collaborative Teaching and Learning -Week 1

I have just started the Mooc "  Collaborative  Teaching and Learning" thanks to the  European platform   Europeanschoolnetacademy.

Why is  Collaboration important in education today?

The course is an interesting one about  the importance of  Collaboration in Teaching and Learning.

We also have social interaction online thanks to  Twitter- educators in the  21st century can rely on such a network of  thinkers, educators and people who love teaching:

The course is followed by over  1,200  participants and we are guided into discussing ideas and sharing interesting tools or projects which have been  carried out by teachers in their schools.
Thanks to the internet we can learn more from the others and see what they have done: I have particularly liked  some  videos about collaboration and  projects  which have been done by some Italian teachers who described the reasons why they chose  collaboration in their activities. Collaboration is required by teachers and learners and it is important for achieving  the aims .

The approach in the course is  based on presenting videos, reflecting, thinking about our experiences and sharing ideas by using  social networks and padlet.

Here you can see some of the videos where the teachers  discussed what they had done: 

Collaborative Learning in a flexible classroom

Collaborative Learning and PBL

Online we can find a lot of tools and this is the reason why  PBL and collaboration can be enhanced by using modern technology.
I really appreciated watching the videos about young students and older ones working together and learning together, but what they did was successful as they also  used modern technology. They were more engaged too.

Here is a list of tools which can be used to better our learning activities: most of them are popular among Italian teachers too. We only need to rely on better internet connections and train our learners to work by using such tools.

Google Apps

What activities have we done? This padlet presents what  some teachers have done.  Some of them have developed great tasks!  

Made with Padlet

Meanwhile I have done my first module about the introduction to  Collaborative  Teaching and Learning and I am looking forward to week 2.

sabato 15 ottobre 2016

Halloween - English Language Teaching tips and ideas

                               and Halloween

 Some ideas I have found online..................  Thanks to the  web we can find plenty of resources online ranging from videos to  stories and activities.
I was online some weeks ago and  I could follow  some interesting teaching ideas about  the topic  Halloween.  Shelly Terrell provided me with interesting  weblinks.
It is true that this is a typical American celebration . However, it has become international and most of my students do go to Halloween parties in Italy too. In most supermarkets we will find sweets and decorations for the scariest night of the year. 
While I was walking in town yesterday, I could see some shop windows and also in most schools we have children talking about  Halloween.


I found some nice  videos which I am going to use  with students in my classes. They will provide  some material for
 " thinking, listening and reporting" in English. 

I might use some tools like edupuzzle   for checking what they have understood.

Watching a video about how to make  Halloween  cookies :

Who provided me with lots of sources :   Shelly  Terrell, just check online

                          Lessons  and  Ideas

Using  Padlet for  writing a story    ( History of Halloween)

Using  Tackk or Thinglink for presenting information and traditions about  Halloween