giovedì 23 giugno 2016

World Refugee Day and education


 20th June is  World Refugee Day. 

I had to work at school on this day  this week  as I was engaged in  the first formal meetings for getting started with secondary school exams in Italy but  I could not forget I had planned to watch an interesting webinar online which has to do with children learning English in some areas where people are  suffering today.  Some people are lucky while others just survive or live in the camps and hope to escape and find a better life in some countries in Europe or  Canada and the USA.

Before watching the webinar I  checked online and could find the first link to this special day which is promoted by the United Nations Organization:

First of all, I think that we should work on the issue at school and get our students to work together to learn about the rights of men , women and children whose life is at risk  while we are living in peaceful countries.  
Here are the main hashtags which are aimed at informing us and which we need to make well-known.


The webinar I saw was based on the presentation of an interesting project
which is run by Nick Blibrough. 
In particular ,Nick presented some work carried out thanks to the use of modern technology: it is an engaging activity in which  Russian children interact with children from Gaza: what was amazing was to see they way they interacted in English. It was wonderful !

                                               The webinar was presented in the CPD session of the British Council . It was engaging and  interesting as children were really loving doing English and they were forgetting what they had experienced. They were just kids learning online and getting engaged in working online with other children.
The recorded session is online , just follow the link provided in the above-mentioned web page.


Songs are now reminding us that too many  children and families are  " RUNNING", trying to escape the poor and sad conditions of life they have because of war and unbelievable conditions of life:

I am sharing it hoping that more will try to support those who help the refugees.

giovedì 16 giugno 2016


16th June is worldwide well-known : it is  Bloom's Day in Dublin.

You cannot understand this special day unless you have been to Dublin and walked in the many streets where  you still hear the voices of the characters who are presented by Joyce in  his famous collection Dubliners. 

Tonight when I was searching online I could not but stop and see the many Tweets which remind us of the writer, the Irish Writer, who escaped from Dublin. I chose two hashtags:

If you are visiting Dublin this year, you should visit this famous landmark  Sweny's Chemist:

 I was in Dublin two years ago and we went to the Chemist's and we read  Eveline in English, we spoke together and had some nice time there.

Dublin is Joyce, it is  Dubliners by Joyce and it is Bloom's Day.

The city  offers plenty of ideas for reading more and for teaching  English literature and modern Literature....

domenica 5 giugno 2016


5th  June  is an important day for human beings and their environment.


                                                               WORLD ENVIRONMENT  DAY

 Everywhere in the world we have been  worried about the environment, our world.

What  is the main focus for this year?  Watch and listen to the presentation online which was made  to present it:

You will find more on TWITTER, I must admit this is a great source of information for me.

What can we do?

As educators we can work with our students and provide them with interesting activities to think about the best ways we can continue to fight against those who are  destroying the environment, everywhere.  I just searched the web and found some nice videos that can help us explain what this day  means for us  and why it is so important .     

More resources have been  collected and they can help us develop activities in class - just check online :

There are lots of resources in different languages and for me this is  great as we can rely on a lot of documents and videos in English.

We can teach in English about the environment while we  practise the language and work with other  teachers, the ones who teach science for example , and we can build some activities where students can be more engaged.

We  could work  with some projects and online presentations and teach our students that 
the world is us

 and it is ours. 

It is up to us to choose to respect it.