domenica 5 giugno 2016


5th  June  is an important day for human beings and their environment.


                                                               WORLD ENVIRONMENT  DAY

 Everywhere in the world we have been  worried about the environment, our world.

What  is the main focus for this year?  Watch and listen to the presentation online which was made  to present it:

You will find more on TWITTER, I must admit this is a great source of information for me.

What can we do?

As educators we can work with our students and provide them with interesting activities to think about the best ways we can continue to fight against those who are  destroying the environment, everywhere.  I just searched the web and found some nice videos that can help us explain what this day  means for us  and why it is so important .     

More resources have been  collected and they can help us develop activities in class - just check online :

There are lots of resources in different languages and for me this is  great as we can rely on a lot of documents and videos in English.

We can teach in English about the environment while we  practise the language and work with other  teachers, the ones who teach science for example , and we can build some activities where students can be more engaged.

We  could work  with some projects and online presentations and teach our students that 
the world is us

 and it is ours. 

It is up to us to choose to respect it.

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