giovedì 16 giugno 2016


16th June is worldwide well-known : it is  Bloom's Day in Dublin.

You cannot understand this special day unless you have been to Dublin and walked in the many streets where  you still hear the voices of the characters who are presented by Joyce in  his famous collection Dubliners. 

Tonight when I was searching online I could not but stop and see the many Tweets which remind us of the writer, the Irish Writer, who escaped from Dublin. I chose two hashtags:

If you are visiting Dublin this year, you should visit this famous landmark  Sweny's Chemist:

 I was in Dublin two years ago and we went to the Chemist's and we read  Eveline in English, we spoke together and had some nice time there.

Dublin is Joyce, it is  Dubliners by Joyce and it is Bloom's Day.

The city  offers plenty of ideas for reading more and for teaching  English literature and modern Literature....

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  2. Thanks a lot. It is my love for DUBLIN, I have been in Dublin and done some workshops about its literary life. Dublin is Dubliners and James Joyce. You walk along the streets and hear the voices of people who lived there and the voices of the characters we find in Joyce's works.