martedì 29 ottobre 2019

WWMOOC19 Week 4- Adventure Library Tour

Adventure Library  Tour
The event took place on 25th September and the presenter was   Bethany Winslow who ran a tour starting from the Kitely Welcome Center to the Hypergrid Resource Library on the Cookie II region.
I was not online and watched the recording only this month. I learnded about Hypergrid Library and also the space station where you can jump to other worlds. The focus of the presentation was on crowdsourcing, webpages, people who can learn by doing, the way people can socialize in a community of practice and also digital skills. When I watched the video I realized that this new world offered interesting opportunities for exploring new worlds and that it would support learners working on their own. Since I am not a member of Kitely I will have to learn more about it. For sure there are resources and plenty of learning tools I am not familiar with. The learning process is complex but today we have new planets where learning can happen too. Education is undergoing changes and perhaps also secondary school students should take advantage of these virtual worlds.

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