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I have spent the last  two months dealing with  interesting  MOOCs which have led me into a new path:  I am going to spend more time on  self-development and   PLN .   PLN stands for  Personal Learning  Network and  I have learnt more about it after I finished my two recent courses on line with COURSERA: I have learnt more about  WEB  2.0  Tools and how  modern technologies are supporting teachers and learners in the process of   learning. Thus everybody should be more  involved in trying to implement  new technologies also to face the needs of the 21st learners.  In my second  course with COURSERA   SHAPING THE WAY WE LEARN  ENGLISH  I have  worked on  a Project  and  I have developed a module for my students who are expected to be working together while they are using the  target language and they are more interested in what we are doing.
In my next posts I will talk about  the interesting things that I have learnt: as a teacher I am required to be a good  learner and  also  to be able to listen to my students and their needs. Today's world of education is different from mine : we are trying to help our students to become citizens in a   different  community. They will have to be able to  work together and to use more skills, to work and decide about  new approaches.  Language skills and   maths skills together with  problem solving activities are  a must.   Schools are therefore required to be a different  LEARNING ENVIRONMENT to meet these  high demands.
Right now I have  started my  new  MOOC  course  with COURSERA and it has to do with  literacy matters and  Common Core.  What is presented is  in relationship with  the USA but  also in my country  we are  going to  cope with a REVOLUTION, which might be involving but also  making us - as  teachers - a bit  worried.
I will try to follow this  course  to see how they are working, teachers in the USA but also in other countries: the 21st century school and education   have just begun and I might  work  in this new content for the next 18 years.
While I was looking for more information about   LITERACY I  found these videos which describe what  has happened and is going to change in the  USA.    I am going to discuss  these matters in the next posts.
My PLN is also  trying to see what  is happening around me. I will  implement my  English  lessons with  some new  ideas which might be  useful for me.   


Common core and Literacy

You should  also watch this  interesting  video about  today's  changes and approaches to education in the  USA:

More interesting  videos  can be found  by following this link:

This video can explain how the work of teachers is going to change:  Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is the term used by experts to talk about this new way for working  with  students. 

I will be posting more in the next weeks and  see what is new.

For more information you can have a look at this  website:

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