sabato 11 luglio 2015

CPD and SUMMER TIME Reading Dubliners by James Joyce

A busy hot  summer, summer   2015  , the one  when  I am studying  on line , or better  I am revising   Literature and  doing some    courses on line   thanks to  MOOCS.

I began a new course with, a MOOC platform on line that  offers interesting readings of the  classics  with a book every month. July is the month of  DUBLINERS and I could not but miss it.  I spent  the  last two  summers in DUBLIN , summer 2013 and summer 2014 and while  I was there  I tried to enter the great world of the many  literary voices that you can learn about  while  you are visiting this  great city.

I was at Trinity  College in 2013 and I did  a  great course about  Ireland and its culture. Then the next  year I chose a course about  LITERATURE, IRISH LITERATURE  and  one of my teachers of  English in the course for  teacher which  I was taking  made me  love  this country, its  writers and its  literature.

Thanks to   EDX MOOC courses  I am  now doing a reading of the book  DUBLINERS and  I am visiting the city  of  DUBLIN  and  learning more about  the short stories that are contained in the collection.

This is my first  written assignment for the MOOC and I  have  decided to make a presentation on line which I want to share with you  and the other people who are  doing the  MOOC on line about   DUBLINERS.  The presentation which  was done  by using the tool  thinglink can be also  accessed on line   A Virtual Tour of DUBLINERS

DUBLIN AND  ULYSSES: two interesting videos on line to learn more about  Joyce's masterpiece and visit this  great city


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