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This summer I  took up a  course run by  The Friday Institute

The issue was great because it was about the best ways we  can approach our students and their difficulties.I teach in a vocational school in my  country and more and more  I have to  cope with students who are  struggling to get positive  grades and  families are not aware of their  learning difficulties.
The six modules were engaging, with  lots of interesting weblinks and we  could discuss online important issues:

  • Working Memory
  • Executive Functions
  • how we can   better understand the  difficulties of our  students
  • Student Motivation 
  • Coaching for  teachers  

We were provided with interesting web links for learning  about   Motivation and how to work with students with learning  difficulties.
I have kept most of the notes, I have bookmarked a lot of pages so that I will try to learn more about these  interesting topics which were  discussed online and I have  written about this  great  course in my  website - the one I use for writing about my learning experience on line as  a teacher :

This is part of my  CPD, but I would like to say that I have learnt a lot. 
The activities were  guided and had to reflect on videos and  experiences shared by  learners and teachers.
We could also use   GOOGLEHANGOUT for  getting in touch with other  teachers and share ideas.  
The Toolbox was part of the final session and I could learn more about  ways and tools which can help us teach and  support our learners. You can find them in the weblink to my site.
There will be a new session in autumn and I think it is worth doing such an experience as the tutors of this course have made a great  MOOC on line.  

Thanks to the Friday Institute!  You can access the hashtag of this MOOC  if you are on Twitter:


And finally this is my certificate for  attending the course online:  I am proud of what I have learnt and I will  try to better my teaching because  "we are all different but we can learn together".

We have  talked about   mantra  and I have   created mine . 

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