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Saturday 3rd September    2016

 Edupassion- a Web conference worth seeing

Have you ever thought you would spend more than  six hours  listening to a conference online and thinking you would not like to stop doing it?
This is what has happened to me. Last Saturday was fabulous, a whole afternoon  was spent online till late in the evening and  we learnt from other educators who were presenting their ideas about  their role as educators and how they felt about what  they had been doing. Engagement, passion and love for their job and their interests in students, so many tips and ideas about how to work, how to support teachers who are beginning to work and also the importance of a network of educators who can learn together.  

EduPassions Free Web Conference Program from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

The  conference  was the place where they discussed and introduced their experiences and you could feel that they were passionate about what they had chosen to do.
The two great people who made the event possible  are two  Icons in the field of  Technology and Education: Shelly Sanchez Terrell and  Sarah  Thomas .
 As I have followed a lot of webinars they have presented I was sure that they would run such an interesting event but it was also the voices of the many  speakers who had been invited to the event that made  Suturday 3rd September  such a valuable source of tips for everybody who was online. 
 I liked to listen to the many voices of people who were living in the Usa , in Europe  and  in different parts of the world. Every experience was special, and I could listen to people who had decided to make their choices and live their experience of educators as people with passions. The term chosen "Edpassion" was the right one to define these teachers.
If you check the word " educator" you will see that it has  roots in the  word " educere" meaning  to lead, draw and take out - see the link
The term " passion"  comes from the Greek language and means " suffering"  as explained online

The focus of the speaker was on many aspects of teaching but the main focus was  loving teaching:


Teachers can be the ones who  inspire and provide the tips and ideas for other teachers and they should be ready to listen to their students and understand their needs. Engagement is really important to devise a better strategy and empower the learners to become " active" learners.

You can see my certificate for attending the conference - I was the lucky one to win a subscription to Simplek12 and now I am able to view and see all the webinars they run. I will therefore continue learning online and meet new teachers online who will share ideas, lessons and their knowledge about  webtools . 

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