giovedì 12 gennaio 2017


When studying online and learning more about changes in education I had the chance to do a course about   Digital Coaching. It was an American  Mooc course but  it was about the way  teachers can work better if the coach works on them by supporting them. What most of the teachers had to discuss about  was in relationship to the need to implement the digital skills among teachers and thanks to this professional development more students could better their skills in the 21st century school.
What I am doing now is working on different levels of competences but  aim at  building a better teacher who is now learning.

I am not a coach, I wish  I had a good coach who could work with me in my school but I can manage.

In our schools we have digital coaches or people who are starting to support us. It is hard for some but I consider myself a teacher who has developed in the field of new technologies and thanks to  my social network I am learning online and thanks to the other.
Sharing is  Caring : this is our Motto!!

Resources online about coaching :

Here are some interesting documents which I have found online and deal with important issue that every educator and coach should be familiar with: they have to do with designing and  new ways of working where technology is supporting teachers and learners.


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Presentations  about   TPACK and SAMR

My activity online about  Digital Teaching and Learning :

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