domenica 10 settembre 2017

# Brexit

Yesterday a lot of people protested in London because they wanted to remain in the  European  Union. It was a huge protest  with thousands of people.

Since  2016 the British Prime  Minister has continued her work that is aimed at leaving  the UE.
However, some people who supported Brexit have changed their minds , some educators and  businessmen living in the  City are afraid of the next steps because  things might change and create more problems . People living in Scotland would also like to choose to part of  the UE.

The European Union has never been loved by the  Britsh  people.  Those who chose to leave thought that European  Laws   and   money spent to support  the  poorest  areas in Europe were not  good for the British.
The issue of immigrants was also one of the main  reasons for  choosing  to leave.

There are a lot of problems in the UK but it is true that  a lot of jobs are not  done by the British  people: immigrants and  other  European  citizens work in fields where no British  man or woman  would work.
Personally  I feel that Britain has always felt  an island  and   British  citizens  do not always  share  a European attitude. They also live in the past, when  Britain had a great Empire. First of all, they are  British   citizens.
In education  Britain has been chosen for the quality of many university courses and for  studying English. Educators and many students  have  visited the UK many times and most of  the tourist industry  relies on people coming to Britain to study and to visit its  famous landmarks.
If they leave  Europe , there will be fewer  students and people who choose to go to Britain to study and work.
The world of  finance is  also  worried. What will London be like once most  institutions have left it?
A city like  London relies on the presence of a cosmopolitan society where people  come and choose to live.

This is an interesting  document which I found online and which I might  use with my students to discuss the  issue of  Brexit.  We love  Britain and  most of  our  students visit it and study  there. The future might be  different. The projects supported by the European Union  will not be able to  finance mobility of  teachers and students.  We will choose  Ireland and other European partners but  it will not be the same. My hope is that  things might change and Britain doesn't  leave Europe.

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