mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018

Women's Rights

Right now I am teaching  V.Woolf 's famous  piece of writing  about " Shakespeare's sister". I was comparing  the life of  William Shakespeare and the life of Juliet but most of the students seemed bored. Reading about  how a woman might have to struggle to become a  writer or  dramatist is something they are not interested in.

My students do not seem to know much about the fights that took place in the UK and also in the most developed countries in the XX century. I must confess that  I feel this is bad.  At their  age  I was aware of the  great events that marked women's voices to get the right to vote.

I feel it is important to remember these women whose   ideals changed the future of their  daughters.
The text written by Virginia Woolf is important to remind us that   today we still  have  women who cannot decide about their  future.

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