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Week 6 What future for EDUCATION? A bright and sunny DAY into the LOVE for LEARNING

                                                      WEEK   6

                WHAT  FUTURE  FOR EDUCATION ?                                               

The future for  Education  IS more children who have  access to education all over the world  , in particular girls. Education should be free everywhere,  in poor or developing countries too. Because it is  a right.
The future for Education IS more people who have access to Learning on line courses, MOOCs,who  can choose what they want to do and  decide what subject, when and how to do it.
I would like to  refer to the great speech of this young woman who has claimed  the right to  have  access  to education:

I have  just  prepared my final presentation by using  PREZI and it will be part of my final reflections on line ........   what I have read and  seen in the videos has made me  think......................

Education  is a world that will continue  changing:  more and more  teachers  will be involved in such  changes because technologies are  "changing" our  habits, " shaping " our ways of life......  it is the  XXI  century.
Teaching for Teachers  will not end but   Learning will become more important and also the students who will become  central in the process of  Learning.

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