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Why do Governments fund Education?

                               WEEK    5

Education, Governments  and   Money 
                   An  Italian perspective 

                    THE   PRESENT  SITUATION 
                  ...... Now  Protests among students and  Teachers
..............................Problems for those who are unemployed and are not  studying or do not have education on line or access to training  classes and self-development

............................   Lots of  young  people with good education who  are leaving the country and look for a job  outside Italy

Italy  is now undergoing great changes, the recession in the  last  six years has left more  people  without a job, more  young  people without  a   good  qualification and no chance to find a job . Thus  schools  and   education   are  in  need of  a  reform while more   Prime Ministers have   talked about the importance of  a good school system for the future of the  country   they have never found funds to help the   system work . 
( See the webisite
This site has been opened to Teachers, students, families to give their opinion about the  new Reform of  Ecation that the present  Government has presented )

Meanwhile  Europe is  looking for a  fast change 

Education in EUROPE- What Europe  chooses 

Italy and  other European countries now  must follow these  guidelines:
education is  central for  nations, for  citizens and  for  children who will become   future citizens  in the world.
The needs of  students and  teachers who are responsible for education  are now  a priority  because the country- my country  Italy-  still has a lot  old people  and children  are the future of a nation with  fewer young people .The level of  education is below the level  of other   European  nations.
Websites of the most important  newspapers and specialized magazines (1) are now   dealing with the demand for education. 

What is  happening  everywhere  now ? There is a globalized change  into   ........................a  different   system or form of Education.(2)

More and more teachers are  becoming aware of the importance of  21st Century skills:

and  students  are the great  players

Looking to Montessori to guide  Education Reform

The power of  student-driven  Learning

Blended  Learning

Flipped Classroom

          More   MOOCs  for  students, adult learners and  for  self-development

(1),    didattica-a-proposito-del-documento-la-buona-scuola

                                         FINAL  CONCLUSIONS
                                 ( WEEK 5)

We are involved in a process of  great changes but   Education is still important.
However,money is what is missing  to create a better  system  and  states must cope with this problem.   The old  school  has  died, but  we do need to have

-        better  Teachers
-        teachers who are  working on self-development
-        teachers  who  teach   different  skills for a better  learner
-        teachers who share  activities and work in team
-        teachers who can develop  activities by using  Technologies and people can  work from home and at school(MOOCS, Blended Learning,Flipped  classroom.....)
-        teachers  who assess students in a different way

            What's more

-        students are important in the process  and  we should have less teacher-centred  activities and more projects, cooperative work.....
-         a different  Learning  environment   is being  created, this is  more  based on  the use of technology  but  teachers will not be  replaced , they will work in a different  way
-  since  education  costs a lot of money  schools  should be open to helpers, supporters and be part of  a community  to  take advantage of  external  resources
-        more people will be  involved in education and


 by   Tiziana  Angiolini    self-reflection  about COURSERA COURSE  " What's the future of Education '"
      1st November   2014

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