venerdì 10 aprile 2015

IATEFL 2015 Interview with Herbert Puchta and some ideas about teachers

Interview with Herbert Puchta

Just the beginning and  some interesting  people have been  interviewed at the Conference, as I said it was  just  the starter for  a great weekend and some more days next week. I arrived home and just looked for the beginning of the Conference and tomorrow I will be following many more.
Just a short interview- the first one for me today- and what I liked were the  key words used by Puchta:
  • Engagement with adult learners
  • Teachers as a model
  • Teaching  values

 We are  responsible for building activities which have to do with values : I like the ideas because what I have done so far is also  trying to build and  establish  values.  Love for the environment, resperct for  other  people, talking about the past and its importance for the present. In my school we have  a project which has to do with  MEMORY, it is the memory of our  past,  NEVER  FORGET WHAT HAPPENED IN EUROPE IN THE YEARS OF THE HOLOCAUST. Today we have more people who are  suffering, so  why not trying to do  something that links our  sad past with the PRESENT?   I am teaching  languages but  I am also  a teacher and  I like the idea of   talking about  such  issues and topics with  students and  getting them more  INVOLVED.  

to be continued...............................................................

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