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Halloween: not only abroad now                              

Picture taken tonight in my street - beautiful pumpinks  along an Italian streeet and children playing and asking for sweets. 

Halloween is now part of  a cultural tradition that goes beyond the USA and  the English speaking countries : tonight my street presented pumpinks almost near every building,at windows  and by the main entrance to houses. I live in Italy and the tradition came  some years ago, it was mainly shared by many American soldiers who were living in my country. In the last 10 years  Halloween has become part of our life and children and young  people now go to Halloween parties.
What is now available online:

Materials to be downloaded and used in class:   ( to download materials)

For more information online:

Nice collections online where teachers share what they have already found :  Pearltrees, Pinterest and more social bookmarking are now offering  many weblinks. This is just one I have found by googling " Halloween  and ELT":

Halloween, by yessicadahlman

Some recipes: a recent video on the YouTube 

An interesting weblink for  searching  more  recipes :                                                                             

Finally  more information about   Halloween in Ireland  

Here is a nice listening exercise for  ESL learners done by using  Zaption  : a nice way for doing English and culture  :                                                                                                                          

I am now looking for short stories in English to be read in class but up to now I have found only long ones.                                                                                                                                                         


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