mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Reading and studying Literature on line: new MOOC about Pride and Prejudice

The Mooc platform has been providing interesting courses online about Literature. It is a sort of a Book Club online where  readers share ideas and what they have learnt about the writer and the book they have been reading. This month I am doing  Jane Austen.

The Professor running the course  is Maggie Sokolik, Ph.D., Instructor 
We can follow her  on Twitter: @maggiesokolik,   by using the hashtag #cwp3x for this course. 

I finished my MOOC " A Study in Scarlet" in October and 
now I have just started reading " Pride and Prejudice"-  you  can check the link to the  course on line : 

Why reading it? Because I am a lover of Jane Austen and also because I want to develop my reading skills and to continue doing some Literature. Currently, I am not teaching Literature and I miss it.
The course will last four weeks and I will have to read the text, do some quizzes and enjoy reading.

This is my first padlet about the research that I am doing this month: the aim is to bookmark and keep a lot of materials online that I might use if I can move to another course next year. But what I like most is the idea of reading  a classic that  I loved as a teenager and  I studied many years ago when I was doing my English Literature course at Parma University. I am going to write more about this experience by the end of the month.

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