domenica 20 dicembre 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year- SEASONAL GREETINGS TO THE WORLD

December 2015

Just a few days before Christmas and the holidays are going to begin.The long winter is going to start tomorrow- 21st December.
The year has been a hard one, I have changed school and students : it has been hard and I need to recharge my batteries in the next weeks. I am going to continue my PLN, I am just finishing some more courses online but I wish you all the best.  
I have just discovered this new tool and I tried to use it by using their templates for sending my best wishes to everyone. My posts will continue in the next weeks, there will be more things I have done and learnt about. As a life-long learner this year has helped me develop new skills and I will try to implement my teaching.


For educators and teachers of English : this  is a nice presentation about this period of the year  worth seeing!! Thinglink offers great opportunities for making presentations.


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