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The Holocaust Mooc course by Futurelearn part 1 and part 2 2015

                      The  Holocaust
The Mooc platform Futurelearn
had an interesting course about the Holocaust which was on line in two parts this year. The course was developed  by  the International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem and Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Research together with Tel Aviv University.It was a demanding course, worth seeing. I must admit that it was followed by people who provided me with interesting links and some had met people who had been imprisoned and thus they had also personal interest in this course as they had also lost parents or relatives. A sad story which we all know and which we studied in our history books,but after more than seventy years   these people remind us that we must not  forget.
When we search the web, we usually find a lot of information about the Holocaust- ,but the course was also an interesting lesson about   history that described how Germany became a nazi nation under the dictatorship of Hitler that aimed at destroying all the Jews. It was a plan that took years before they thought about the final solution. Many people supported this terrible plan which is part of the history of WW2.
The following padlet is a sort of the summary of what I watched and learnt and this brings me to January 2016. On 27th January we will talk about  The Holocaust in our classes, let's all share materials and discuss this issue with our students. Because we cannot forget what happened and we must remember.
In Reggio Emilia there will be an important exhibition: Istoreco is going to present the works by a child who made the sketches while she was imprisoned in a concentration camp. 

I am going to write a module about this topic and to read something in class : I would like my students to be aware of the importance of " Remembering" what happened.  

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