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How to continue in the  new year 2016 

Thanks to my  PLN I can now learn more online and study from home, share material online and have access to a lot of free resources.
Internet does not always provide you with correct information, you need to check and see what is right, what is wrong but a lot of teachers are getting more and more connected and they share " free material" online. My PLN is a community of teachers who are English mother tongue speakers, mainly, but I have also learnt from my colleagues in Europe while I was doing the MOOCs  courses thanks to some MOOC platforms  like Futurelearn European Schoolnet Academy  and many more.
I have been following a lot of educators, MOOCs providers and experts in new technology thanks to  Twitter
I have not started yet but I am going to start writing my  own materials online, maybe some e-books and  online resources which can be shared and  my students could use. This is the " magic" of the web and I have seen that blended learning and online learning are now entering the world of education  and also secondary school education in my country.

Tips for learning online as an educator
- Become a connected  Educator

- Use Social Media as an educator and also at school : your students are connected students so why don't you try to meet their interests and work with them?

- Develop your  PLN and share materials, experiences, anything that can help others develop new teaching and learning objectives

 Create your own materials and share them: think about education and topics related to education  and choose groups of teachers who are similar to you and then take part in the discussions and try to work on your own, in projects and continue learning!!  

Here are some examples of what other teachers have done and you can find and read online:
"Zen  and the Act of Teaching ebook "  by David Deubelbeiss


You can also find guides and materials for teachers written by experienced teachers, some interesting ones also about " the art of teaching": have a look at this book online which contains important ideas about how we can  make our teaching more " engaging".

This is my presentation  for a Lend meeting in my area where I presented my experience as an online learner and my ideas about  CPD. 

- Start writing a blog
- Follow webinars online: most of them are free and you just need to register, later you will get the links for the webinars and in some cases the slides and web links for further studies
- Bookmark important websites and blogs: I think that today education is changing but thanks to  social networks there are plenty of communities online where you can share ideas.  I check some blogs written by English language teachers and also experts in  technology and education. Most of them are in English but there are also good Italian educators 
- Register to MOOC platforms so that they will send you information about their courses 
- Choose Youtube and Ted videos  as important sources of information about ideas and new methodologies
- Learn about new tools and how to work with them online: every year there are MOOCs and many tutorials about web 2.0 tools also on  Youtube so that you will become tech-savy too.

This is  21st Century  Education  ...

What is 21st century education from Fred Verboon on Vimeo.

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