sabato 9 gennaio 2016

WW1 World War One: a History in 100 stories MOOC course by Futurelearn

           World War One:  a History in 100 stories

If you are interested in learning more about WW1 you might be interested in choosing  this MOOC course by Futurelearn:

World War One: a history in 100 stories

The course will be running again in April, starting on 25th April 2016.

I did it last year and I got entrapped into the stories which were presented. Sad stories about men and women from Australia who went to Europe and experienced one of the worst experiences that people can see and  will never forget. The MOOC was free and it is free also this year and you can learn more about the events and how people decided to enlist and choose to go abroad and sometimes die.

On Remembrance Day in November 2015 they launched a book about this work which many people saw thanks to Monash University, a leading university in Australia:

You can learn more about the course and the book by  seeing the presentation of the project online:

I think that also our students might be interested in learning online because we can study  History by learning about  people and their families during  WW1.

"Memory and History  are always about the Future ": just think about learning online and decide to enrol. We can think about also today's wars because  men still make mistakes and  forget what happened.

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