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EVO 2016 Educators and Copyrights

         EVO 2016     Educators and  Copyrights
Do the  Right  Thing 
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                My reflections on the course
The course was  a special session which lasted  five weeks and had a small group of teachers who shared ideas and learnt together. There was  a moderator in each session.
Learning happened on Google+ with some Hangouts and it was interesting for me to share ideas with others. 
The activities  were organized online and presented  in a website: We were guided and provided with links and  videos for each week.
I decided to take up the  session by chance. I did not have  much time but  it was something I needed to get into.  Internet, books, articles online and materials which are  99% copyright and often we use them without getting the permission from people who created them.

I did the course and  learnt about Creative Commons, Copyright and   Fair Use  and what was new to me was the idea that some people would provide  pictures and pieces of music which we can use if we provide attribution. Now I have bookmarked some resources which I can use without having to ask permission but just need to give credit. Most materials cannot be uploaded and shared online as we need to ask permission.
As an educator I need to know more, also because  now I work online and this makes my work more difficult. Now I am aware that I need to teach my  students how to work on other people's works.
American laws are different from the  European laws but I have learnt that I need to teach my students that they must not copy and that as an educator I need to post links to materials online but I need to be careful anytime I submit materials. Not all the videos online can be shared!

After discussing  Copyright and  Creative Commons we had to think about a lesson plan we wanted to create for our students.
Since I was working on another session  in creating e-books and I was working on  Romeo and Juliet  I chose to create  a lesson about carrying out some research about  Shakespeare and his time and how to work online and  searching  photos and documents.

This is my activity online- I have just submitted it to the moderators of my course: link to the padlet

The activities we did were based on discussion, sharing ideas and presenting our work in the sessions online.

I worked online and  wrote a sort of  a  draft about my activities, I had to discuss my lesson and other students' lessons and I was expected to provide feedback.
After the discussion I had to implement my lesson, in my case  I had to provide  a student's handout with interesting weblinks that my  students could use when searching for materials. 
It was a good way for thinking about how to teach how to work online and search for documents and at the same time I learnt a lot.
In the padlet you can see some important weblinks which were shared by teachers in the course.
                                  SHARING  RESOURCES
Among the last ones are these:
                                  OPEN RESOURCES ONLINE
TOOLS  ( tool for creating quizzes)  ( for creating  quizzes) ( English  Listening on line)  ( Free sound effects)


WHAT PICTURES I WILL USE  ( free fotographs for  teachers and students) useful for searching materials online

NEWS- Articles for ESL/EFL LEARNERS Free lessons



An interesting online presentation about  COPYRIGHT

Information about  Italy and Italian  Law

This is more or less what I have done in the last five   weeks.  It is an interesting way for learning how to work better.

Thanks to the teachers, the tutors who worked online in this  EVO SESSION. 

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