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Mind Mapping and Web 2.0 Tools

                                                                Mind  Mapping
For five weeks I was busy in working on creating my ebook and thanks to the tutors online who supporting me and the other students  in the EVO session 2016  I came across the many tools that we can use today. The EVO session finished on 14th February but for most of us it was such a great experience that we are continuing our learning path into the many tools that we can find today and help us work better.

Mind mapping  tools were used in the course for developing the ideas and chapters of our books.
I  must confess that I  saw great presentations and  I would like to use more tools in my teaching situation.
It was a  surprise for me to see how many tools we can use and how they can help us in developing better lessons and support for students who are in difficulties.
Mind mapping is now required in the fifth year of the Italian secondary school as most students need to present a map of the topic they have  chosen and they would like to present  during the oral exam.
Mind mapping can be great for helping to study  school subjects  and develop a learning approach that is based on maps.

I have collected the main tools and the ones which I have used or seen in the presentations. I have embedded my collection in this post. I have tried three tools but  I am going to see how the others  work.
What I particularly liked and which I might use is the tool
This is very easy to use and you do not need to have an account: you just work online and then create your map. You can then save the map as a pdf document or as an image. I will present the tool to my students as many cannot work well on grammar and I will ask them to write their grammar.
This is a presentation about the future which I  created in just a few minutes:

The map is simple and it doesn't have any external links but it is useful for creating grammar sheets for students who need more help at school.
I had to correct some part of it and I could save part of the presentation:

Here is my collection of the tools online: I also tried to find more posts about the many tools which are available.

Some are free, many need a special subscription. Some are available for  mobile phones too.  I am learning more and will try to think about the way I could  embed or use them in my class activities or in my presentations and websites.

Mind Mapping Tools, by italianteacher

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