martedì 24 maggio 2016



May is going to end soon and by 6th June we will have finished most of our activities at school in Italy.
It is a demanding part of the school year for teachers and students. More tests and finally the holidays, some will stay at home  while others are going to leave for the UK or seaside places in Italy.
I tried to see what we can do now to make our last activities  more meaningful.
For the students who have to prepare for the exams  it is time to recharge the batteries and work harder to face the  tests.
For the others and for me as a teacher it is time to think about what went wrong, what  I should have done and what I did not do well and  how I could help and support the students who have difficulties.
For all my students it is time to think about  free time and holidays, without forgetting their  English.  
I could see an interesting  webinar on line by  Shelly  Terrell this month  and she suggested some activities to do before leaving for the summer holidays.

It is time to use English  and write together and share pictures, images and do some conversation in English. Everything should be " guided" and" meaningful" .
For me it is time to think about the feedback from my students and see if I can find a way to implement my  teaching. I am a life-long learner and I need to see what is not working well and which activity needs improving.
You can find some interesting activities online shared by other other teachers and  we might  try to help also the students who are in difficulties.

Teaching can take place in difficult situations and I must say that this year has been hard . I do need to create some " engaging activities " which can motivate the students who have difficulties and are  struggling learners and my idea is to prepare some  work for their summer to help them overcome what is making their life difficult with  English learning. I would like to create an ebook with some extra homework and to provide positive feedback during the summer days before they start school in September.

Here you can find links and the " inspiring presentation "which was  commented by  Shelly Terrell some weeks ago. Great talk  for a great lover of  teaching and  learning.



End of the Year Activities! from Shelly Sanchez Terrell

"Summer  should  be the time for  having fun and  bettering your skills".This is my wish to the students I have taught this year.

Have fun and  don't  forget your English!!

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