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Inclusive education A Mooc by FutureLearn spring 2016

"The Right to Education"- Breaking down the Barriers
Mooc course by the University of  Glasgow                       Spring 2016
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A short MOOC about education and inclusion which offerred interesting ideas about what education should be be like. In my country we have been debating the theme as more and more  teachers are required to face the different needs of their students. 

The Mooc

 It was a great Mooc which portrayed ideas and a lot of information about how to work better. Often we  forget that inclusion is a must and all the students require our  attention and  the best techniques. 

Education should be for all, in particular for the students who are struggling but  want to carry on studying.
The course ran for  three weeks and provided videos and links to interesting sources. It was a source of interesting ideas and great help for me.
                                                                     WEEK   1 

The issue of  inclusion    



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WEEK    3



The final part of the course presented this webpage with reference to education and in particular they suggested checking  the session about   " Teaching and  Learning  strategies".
Interesting topics were introduced:
Experiential learning


 Values education

Enquiry learning

Appropriate assessment

Future Problem solving

Learning outside the classroom

 Community Problem solving

It is worth checking  what we can do in order to  plan activities that aim at inclusion.  There are activities which we can plan together and can support the learners and all the students.

The issue is important for every country as education is undergoing  many changes but societies still present  problems: it is the problem of many disabled children, students who come from other  cuntries who do not speak our language. It is the problem of families who cannot support their  children and risk being not included.

What is  inclusion?

"It is described by some as the practice of ensuring that people feel they belong, are engaged, and connected. It is a universal human right whose aim is to embrace all people, irrespective of race, gender, disability or other attribute which can be perceived as different."    


We should all try to implement our  teaching and  help our students who are facing  education problems. Education is for all. 

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