venerdì 23 dicembre 2016

Christmas 2016

                                    MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Time for Christmas and time for holidays and thinking about the best ways we can better our way of working in a difficult situation for educators and also for the country.
While I was working online I came across some good documents which I could use in class with my students.

Videos online: classic tales

Useful for watching and viewing a story and learning new words.

A  Christmas  Carol by  Ch. Dickens- from

A reading task which can be carried out while watching a  film about this famous story by Dickens.

Watching a video advertising about  Christmas

Watching advertising can tell us about a country and its traditions.

Watching a video about making  " Panettone":

Watching how to make a special dessert in Italy while comparing  what other countries have to celebrate  Christmas or other special festivals.

Royal  Christmas traditions in the UK

Learning about  Victorian England and the tradition of  Christmas.

Visual History of Christmas Traditions Infographic by Balsam Hill

Christmas is celebrated in a multitude of rich and cherished traditions. This illustrated timeline, brought to you by Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Company, captures the flow of some of the most popular Christmas traditions and figures throughout Christmas History.


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