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Collaborative Teaching and Learning week 4

                                          Week 4
 How can teacher collaboration facilitate collaborative learning?

We worked on our lesson plan this week and we watched a lot of engaging videos about  projects and collaboration among classes working with projects and where teachers and students were engaged in collaboration and activities to be done together. Most of the activities were European projects and students were involved in working together and sharing their outputs with other learners.  
A good video was the one which I missed live online where Professor D.Butler answered questions related to collaboration.   

Modern technologies and  IT can help us while working with our students and support us when working and collaborating.
A useful guide can be found online and downloaded :
Colab Guide Lines .
The website  offers a lot of useful material which we can use for designing activities which require collaboration and  the use of  new technologies.

A good document to start with is the one presented dealing with the problem of assessment and the document shared dealing with spreading new approaches in education:

Tablets, mobile devices should not be banned but  integrated within our  lessons and  tasks.
New tools and apps are growing and they can offer a lot of applications which can help us while working in class and at home.

Further resources were shared online and in the Mooc

Module 4 Resource Section

This is my  Learning Diary about the four weeks spent together ;I have added  the link to my lesson plan: I could also read a lot of interesting projects online, which I think should be shared and analyzed by other teachers. The main activities were all  based on collaboration.

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