venerdì 25 novembre 2016

The English Language

                                     The Language we  study and  speak

Easy or difficult to learn? It is considered the language of commerce and it is widely used by students working online all over the world. MOOCs are mainly in  English and  scholars and educators use it to work together and share resources and papers.

The  English Language : a history  about  it and  how it changed

English  and  W.Shakespeare 

Learning more about the English  Language: help on line and blogs undefined


Dictionaries and Reference Tools, by smberdaxagar

Check your vocabulary online

Teaching and Learning  Vocabulary

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  1. Very nice video
    Do you have any word format ?
    this site may also be useful to u
    Spoken English Classes in Chennai

  2. Thanks Andrew. I have no word format. I'll check the site you mentioned.