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Collaborative Teaching and Learning Week 3 Assessment

How can you assess Collaborative Learning?

The week was really interesting as we had to think about assessment while students are working and collaborating. We were provided with some interesting experiences  where teachers discussed  how they worked and what they had to monitor and assess: formative assessment but also peer evaluation. It is important to see how our students work and see if they meet the criteria:

Anna Laghigna- one of the tutors- explained how she had  worked with some projects and how students learnt  and reflected on what they had done: 

Guidelines for  assessing Collaborative Learning

This is a useful guide which can help us develop rubrics and how to observe students while working together. It can be downloaded and used  for assessing students better.

Sources :

I really liked the post by a teacher on twitter

Interesting  diaries online which have been shared

I appreciated the variety of tools used when writing the diaries and the experience which all the teachers showed while reflecting on the teaching practice: they have developed great skills and can  work well also when working with PBL and assessing students who are collaborating,

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My learning diary will be presented later in week 4.

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