giovedì 10 novembre 2016

Collaborative Teaching and Learning Week 2- Designing Collaborative Learning

How can you design  Collaborative Learning in the Classroom?

The main topics discussed in the second week were in relationship to the different tasks and how collaboration works. It was interesting and with lots of ideas about how to create rubrics for assessing collaboration.
Embedding Collaborative Learning

The Collaboration Rubric

We were asked to start thinking about the activities we would like to share and work on. I did not as I did not have the time but I was impressed by the way rubrics can help us think when designing our activities. I really liked the ideas about the different types of rubrics which can help us when  working with groups and with projects .

Resources for the module
Collaboration Rubric:
Learning Scenario Template:
6 Example Learning Scenarios:
Resources for the 'Asteroids, impacts and craters' learning scenario:

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