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Valentine's Day and ELT activities

                                  Valentine's Day

Teaching  Shakespare

                                                       The Play  " Romeo and Juliet"
This term I have been teaching  Shakespeare's plays and I have done some work on Romeo and Juliet with my third-year students in a secondary school in Italy.
When teaching adolescents I am used to teaching about literature and language. We have seen the film in class, we have learnt about the plot and we have worked on the play.
We have analyzed the balcony scene and the first kiss between Romeo and Juliet. The choice of the  writers of the book we have been using is about the sonnet:

   We have compared the Italian sonnet with the English one and we have focussed on the themes which are love and also the tragedy of love as the two lovers will never know why they  will not meet again.

With the younger students we will work on lexis and idioms related to love; some help can be found online- the focus is on idioms but also on teaching :

Activities and tips from educators about  teaching  Valentine's Day

Thanks to Shelly Terrell and other educators we have many resources: in most cases the activities  are interactive and engaging. New technologies can enhance our teaching.  It is a pity  I do not have many  interactive whiteboards in class and my students  have  only smartphones to use in class. If we had tablets and they had been trained how to use some tools we might  create interesting projects about  Shakespeare and also love in his famous tragedy. 

These are Shelly Terrell's useful slides with lots of tips and information about which tools we might use:

Recently I have  discovered a new website for students where they can read and watch videos and this is  free!
They have just released this reading about this topic-  is the website:

Reading  Skills: reading  short stories and novels

For adults or lover of readings  we might also choose to read some short stories dealing with love:

The activities will be guided and we will find links with other stories we have read in class.

Loving reading about   Love.

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