martedì 28 febbraio 2017

Blogging and ELT

The Art of Blogging and  Writing  Skills  in  ELT

I started blogging because I was asked to do it. I was working online and doing some  Moocs with Coursera some years ago and we shared our ideas online. I started my first two blogs and I am still writing online.

While learning online I realized that  I could blog with my students of English. Blogging is a good way for enabling them to use the language in a meaningful way.
I hope I will use a blog with my students next year. The idea is not new but  I do need to rely on students who are willing to read and to work also online. I need to work hard on the content and to find activities that help them reflect online.

You can find some tips here in this interesting interview which   was shared online ; the teacher is more engaged and her students too. It must be great to work in a school with such young learners.!


Information online about blogs from  Edublogs:


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