venerdì 3 marzo 2017

Mind Mapping : Wisemapping a free tool online

                                                       Why using mind maps?  
The answer is simple: we can learn better and students can be supported by us while learning. This is true for any subject we might learn but it is also more important for struggling students.

I have just tried a new tool which is free online:

You can find the tutorial online and in just a few minutes you can develop your own map. You just need to have an account and after registering you can begin developing your own maps.

I have been asked to make some presentations of some grammar rules in English and I think I might use it in my classes. It's simple, it's free and it helps teachers but also students to create their own mind maps.
When you create a map, you can share it online or work with collaborators online once you have given them the link.
When you finish , you can embed it and this is useful for teachers who are working online and write in blogs or wikis.

The link  to my map:


The next step will be to use it in literature and to create  mindmaps for my students who are  struggling with studying  authors and texts in English. I am aware that reading and studying  literature in English can be difficult but we do need to cope with it.

I have also used  mind maps for writing my first ebook so getting to learn more about this tool has in some way provided me with  new useful ones.

Internet is just a great source of web tools and I will also try  many more to see which is the most useful one.  Wisemapping can be helpful for everybody.

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