mercoledì 22 marzo 2017

# Westminster

London- Westminster: My heart is full of sadness tonight . Today we have seen again how violence and death are part of our daily lives- it happened a long time ago in London and it has happened again today.  It happened in the heart of London- Westminster- to remind us that we are at risk: terror and  violence that make us feel speechless.

Westminster is the place by the river Thames where the first EnglishParliament was born. It is also the place where  most of commuters arrive when they are reaching their offices or colleges for studying in central London. I used to walk in this part of London on Saturday and Sunday when I reached the centre of this city. I still remember what I  first saw when I arrived from Crydon on the 109 bus. The bus moved along the bridge and then it stopped in Trafalgar Square.      

Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007

By Diliff (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

I have been to London many times and I have studied there too.  I have loved its international  communities. I have lived with  families whose origins were not always British but we lived together, we shared ideas about  our  countries and  we learnt from the  others.

I do hope that we will continue living together and that criminals like the man who committed such a  crime  will stop destroying our ideas and values.  First of all, we want to live in peace and  this is true for everybody, we need to have hopes and share ideas about us and the others.

        It will be sunny tomorrow and I do think that hope will continue living in our hearts , in London but also everywhere .

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