lunedì 6 marzo 2017

8th March: Women and Education

Thanks to  Shelly Terrell Sanchez who has shared lots of resources online  this week: Women's Day is now part of our celebrations and the web offers plenty of resources. When teaching English and other  school subjects we can rely on important documents and tips which can be used in class.

First of all , we should remember  the many women who struggled and  suffered.  History can teach us about them, their hopes and what happened in many lands and countries.   

Why do we need to celebrate  Women's Day?

Because things are changing but not everywhere. Too many girls and women need to fight against people who want to make them be silent. 
It is also about  Malala's rights and the right of girls who want to go to school and believe in education for women. 

Literature and women  writers

In Literature, I love thinking of the many voices of women and writers who have written about them: V. Woolf and others like  Dorothy Richardson who wrote about women and changed the way we write now. It was Stream of Consciousness but also the discovery of the attitude of women which was different from their husbands, fathers and brothers. 

When dealing with the XX century in Literature I like reading about V. Woolf's  ideas: I like her great text- " A Room of One's Own"- her voice is still talking to us and helps us think about the world and how women are  treated. 

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