sabato 20 maggio 2017

Learning Diaries : Tools and how to reflect online

Reflecting online

We are often  asked to work online for our  Professional  Development and to write about  our learning experience while sharing lessons and tips with other learners.

Learning  Diaries are now part of the  PBL activities which can help  the learners  to reflect when they are asked to think about the steps and write more about their process and way of working. In most schools and  institutions  students are used to working online.

Anna Laghigna has  shared this presentation with the links to the main tools we can use.

I think that we should all bookmark the tutorials of these apps as our learners are often asked to work together, collaborate and present their activities.

My favourite tools are  Padlet and Tackk but also Sway can offer a  great  presentation online which can be  shared and be embedded in websites and

Some of the tools are not free : just check them online before beginning the presentations. They all combine a mix of  videos, links to documents online and texts.  Our students can write online, share the documents on social media and in most cases also collaborate with other students.

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