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Digital Storytelling : Reflecting on the Mooc by POLITECNICO MILANO which I have just finished

In November I enrolled on a course run by POLITECNICO MILANO about Digital Storytelling.
I had previously done another MOOC about this interesting topic in education thanks to Coursera and wrote about it as I had started it by chance and I didn't think about the great potentialities of  DS.
The MOOC was in Italian- last year I did another course about creating ebooks thanks to the Italian platform and it was really helpful. This MOOC was a lonely journey- the online tutors did not provide much feedback but they gave us lots of documents online and information about the many web tools which we can use to write our stories.
This is a personal reflection on what we should do as  DS is a wonderful way for getting our students more engaged and I would add that it is useful for  English Language Learners too as they can use the target language and in a creative way.

Today we have a lot of platforms and we can choose a lot of tools to write and present our stories.It is very important to plan how to do it but we have a lot of tutorials online which can guide teachers and learners.
We were guided by an expert teacher who presented different stories which the University in Milan had supported and studied by creating a special platform. I might decide to try to participate in the annual events they run for schools presenting their stories next year.

In the final task I was asked to create an activity online and I chose the topic " Earth Day" to create a task that might suit many classes while students read, watch videos and write about this global issue.
I decided to start by using Twitter and thanks to this social network I could have access to many resources for educators.
I also checked what people had written about this topic and I found this interesting ebook created by using a tool which was listed among the many tools we can use to do DS tasks: Story Jumper.

Book titled 'The ABC's of Earth Day'Read this free book made on StoryJumper
Here is the first part of my activity created by using a new tool which combines the features of narration with collaboration too: I think that it could be used by students to mix their stories in projects. Its name is Sutori.
The topic was  Earth Day but you could use the tool for writing skills and other class projects.

When we plan DS tasks we need to think about a lot of things:
- how to work
- what kind of final output we might expect our  students to create
- how to evaluate the student's work

It can be very demanding and that's the reason why I have not done it so far.  The projects they have presented us in theMOOCc show very simple stories so I am thinking of trying to use some of the best ideas for getting starting with  DS  in my school next year.

Here is the link to the task which I have just uploaded :

In the final part of the document you will find important links to rubrics for evaluation.
There are so many tools that I feel I will need to try only the simple ones but  it will be worth trying them.

Resources and Ideas online

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