martedì 4 aprile 2017

Not again? A new revised edition of Practical English Usage

Glasgow  4th April 2017 ( Day 2)

It was a pleasure to watch the video where Michael Swan presented his new revised edition of the book which  I used many years ago when I was studying at University. I must admit that it is one of the books I have loved most and I consider it my Grammar or rather the Bible for  TEFL and  ESL learners. It is  Practical English Usage by   M. Swan.
The new edition relies on the previous  editions but it has been enriched with lots of new topics and varieties of English and usages.
Learning a language requires knowledge about grammar and words and this makes the new edition an enriched book with lots of language items like the use of punctuations and word patterns. Now the organization is based on topics while in the other editions it was based on A-Z list.

The event presented also the online edition of this famous grammar.
Diagnostic tests have been introduced to help the learners who are going to work by using the book.
It is still Michael's Swan's Grammar but it is really engaging and based on the needs of the modern learners who work also online.
I will probably check this new edition and see which language items have been added.
Thanks a lot for the presentation!

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