sabato 22 aprile 2017

# Earth Day 2017

I am working on storytelling for an Italian Mooc right now- I will have to submit one task this week and that's the reason why I have chosen to create an activity on Earth Day. In the last two weeks I have found plenty of useful resources: free resources which can be used by any educator. 

You may be surprised to find so many interesting documents online, videos, songs and important conferences all over the world. I have decided to use Sutori, a new app which can enable teachers to work online with their classes and students can collaborate. I like the idea of relying on so many resources in English as my students might benefit from reading or listening to them.Once you have finished your presentation you can share it with the others and embed it in a website or a blog. The app is free and you just need to have an account to start using it.

If you check online you will find a lot of documents about the issue of " Earth Day" and educators are involved in sharing ideas and materials. I love the idea of using videos and texts so I have chosen a poem and a short story for my presentation.

Here is the link to my presentation which you can find here :

I could create it in a short time and I think that it can offer an interesting activity for teaching our learners of English about  Earth Day while they are working together and also creating their own personal presentations.

If we search online we will find many more tips or interesting documents in English: films, cartoons, lists of videos and more. We just need to find some time and choose them for our  lessons.
Let's all celebrate Earth Day!!

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