lunedì 3 aprile 2017

Glasgow 2017 Day 1 Interview with Silvana Richardson and Fiona Dunlop

3rd  April  2017
The  First Day has started and we are here online waiting for the first interviews to begin.
I have decided to check this session online as  CPD is now part of my life as a teacher.  I have just listened to the interview with  Silvana Richardson and Fiona  Dunlop.  It is an interesting interview online where they discuss about the use of open space technology as a means of running conference sessions. They also talk about CPD and the development of CPD within the modern school framework.
It is a new world which is now part of the life of many educators. We have changed our schools and now we can develop as teachers relying on social networks and the use of technology. Teachers are now aware of the importance of  CPD - they can integrate   CPD within a framework of a life-long learning process.
I have seen so many people involved in online training and conferences that  I cannot but say that new learning environments are being developed for millions of teachers living all over the world.
This is the magic of " the new frontier" in education and teachers are actively participating!

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