domenica 9 aprile 2017

Mistakes in learning the English language

English language teaching and learning:the importance of mistakes

I found this interesting infographic about commons mistakes in language learning. There are many mistakes which can be found in our learners' writing. I think that this is a good way for working with them by making them become aware of what they might write and what they need to think of before writing so that they will write without making mistakes. I am usedto asking my students to correct sentences but creating infographics with some common mistakes can have a visual impact on their learning. They  can remember much better and they can rely on some reference online or on something they have created.  Similarly, we might work on their writings and ask them to recognise what type of mistakes they have made: grammar or spelling mistakes, for example. They could also make a short presentation where they reflect and think about the best strategies to improve their skills.  Active learners will benefit from learning by making mistakes!

“We learn from failure, not from success!”   from  Dracula by  Bram  Stoker

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