venerdì 7 aprile 2017

Interview with Rasha Halat : using Ted-Ed

Friday  7th  April ( Day  5)

An interesting interview with  Rasha Halat who presented one of the tools which  I have seen online but never used with my students. I have used the lessons created by other teachers but I have never created mine.

I checked online and I could see that apart from using the Lesson Library you can also create your lessons, share them with your students once you have created them.

These are the simple steps you need to follow:
1- search a video  
2- add questions: they can be open questions or closed questions with multiple choices. You can also add more resources
3- publish  your lesson 
4- share the link with your students

This tool is great as we can monitor the students and track their work.

As I have already said, it is a new tool as I have never  created  my lessons and I have just used what  the library offered but I am going to start using it!

I will see if it can be an alternative to EdPuzzle- which I am familiar with.

All these tools can enhance the students' learning online while working on Listening and Viewing skills of our students. They offer great possibilities for creating videos with activities when teaching  CLIL and they should be used by all teachers involved in the so called  Flipped Classroom approach

The aim of the tool was to make learning and teaching different from the past. They have been great as educators can now rely on a new source of ideas and maybe our students will learn better. 

Thanks for letting us know about this tool or reminding us that we can use it and that it is free!!! 

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