sabato 15 aprile 2017

BDBCDWGSpring2017 and other free ebooks and resources online

If you follow  EDweb webinars you may be familiar with
They offer   CPD online and a lot of resources for educators.Some are free and provide ideas and information to find tools or websites with lots of resources.
Here is the link to their last ebook- you just need to ask to download it:


I found some interesting websites with free resources: they vary from projects to documents and games. A lot of free resources could be used in Italy too and they might be shared with teachers who are not teaching English but need to use English in CLIL.
Here are just some interesting ones: just check them and the other ones.

Here is the ebook for their ebook for teachers of Languages: I will have to check it.

Thank you to the people who worked to make these ebooks. They will help a lot of teachers to create new content!!

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