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Teaching English Grammar and ebooks

Teaching English Grammar: ebooks for Learners

Last year I could do a great  EVO session about creating ebooks and the tutor in the course was Shelly  Terrell Sanchez. In the course we did online we shared ideas about the best ways for writing an ebook and we learned about many publishing platforms which were free. I shared my first ebook about  William Shakespeare, but before starting the course I had thought about the problem of grammar learning or rather learning how to empower learners by using the English grammar correctly while studying on their own. 
I have not published any book about English grammar and exercises yet as it is a great effort for me now and honestly I would need more time to work on this ebook.
However, I have tried to design an ebook for my lower level learners who are " struggling learners". I chose the simple past and some listening and reading activities for the learners who will have to study on their own.
The result of my effort is this ebook where students are asked to revise and learn the simple past while they are asked to watch some videos about the main language structures. As the simple past tense requires a lot of reading and speaking  I chose some books which are free online and which could be read by my students. 

Here is the link to my ebook which has been embedded in this post.
I will try to develop more tasks for my students as I will write down some tasks and ideas for the summer work as I think that learning requires a lot of individual tasks. What I think is important for me and for them is that  I would like my students to be more engaged and to become active learners who can work on their own and decide what and when to work. This implies that I will have to develop activities which are not only based on grammar exercises but which are meaningful to the learners.  I have just thinking about this new ebook which I hope I will end by May before my students leave school.


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