venerdì 14 aprile 2017

Digital Storytelling and Science

On 5th April  I could see an interesting webinar - the speaker was  Rebecca Morris who shared her materials and an interesting padlet with some samples of what she meant by choosing the title  Digital Storytelling and Science. I was favorably impressed by her webinar!

It seemed to me a great introduction to the topic  DS as more and more we are asked to work with our learners and to think about new approaches in the way we work, think and make presentations.
I could see some samples of what she meant by using DS in a scientific context.  The ideas and the tools may be familiar to many of us but what I was looking forward to seeing were examples of  DS.
We can rely on a lot of free resources online and scientific subjects can be learned by using narration.
She used and  shared some interesting  web 2.0 tools:


This is her padlet with some more presentations.  They are a great source for teachers who want to start using  DS and are looking for ideas.I liked the idea of having a mix of images and great sources in terms of information. We might think about using the new tools in teaching  English and CLIL as we could have learners engaged in working on specific topics while studying and making their own presentations.

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