martedì 27 giugno 2017

Creating Motivation, Creating Learning

                                        Getting  everybody engaged  

In March I was online and  I could see the great  webinar presented by  Chaz Pugliese - the main topic was motivation .

You can find  Q& A which  followed the  webinar in the  Iatefl blog

I could not watch the webinar again but I would like to share  the link from the blog as  the presentation was  focussed on important  issues in education.

Chaz  Pugliese is a great educators who has worked on  Motivation and Creativity.   He has just written about  the importance of  Motivation in  reading and  ELT :

Pugliese has also talked about  teachers and  why they should be motivated when teaching : this is one of the most important  issues in education.

Watch the short interview which he gave last spring at IATEFL : he invited  teachers to reflect on what happens or happened  in their lessons.

                                                            IATEFL   2017

Pugliese has developed a new approach to teaching and as a trainer he has tried to find new ways in teaching:

                                                TEACHING WITH  MIKE  DAVIS

More  resources online   about   Motivation

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