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Mentoring in Schools May-June 2017

 30 June   2017

I  did the Mooc which had been  presented on line by the European Platform   Europeanschoolnetacademy - check it online

We were guided by the tutors online and we shared our  ideas about teaching and the role of teachers who are mentors and mentees in the complex world of education.

I am not a mentor but what I try to do is to work with the other teachers in my school and I am open to new ideas.
It is difficult to think about  educators who are not guided by someone who can inspire and help them. What I try to do is to help and give some suggestions to the new teachers but I feel that in new schools  teachers are not often welcomed and given the opportunity to develop .

This is the Padlet by Anna Laghigna -one of the tutors .

Made with Padlet

Here is my Learning Diary where you can  find the main  topics discussed in this interesting MOOC
which was focussed on the way teachers can collaborate, share and learn  from the others too.
It is important to be aware of the idea of collaboration and the importance of discussion as teachers
can develop and become more competent. It is also true that sometimes  younger teacher can be more tech-savy and help also the mentors.

The main ideas presented in the Mooc  were focussed on   discussion, collaboration, lesson obervation and the use of modern technology while observing and providing positive  feedback.
In the final part of the Mooc we worked on our plan and had to submit it for peer evaluation.

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